Monday, October 23, 2006

Feedback from last week's Judge...


Following Gareth’s lead (and because I was not there in person last week), I too asked the judge for his critique and rationale for how he graded each image. It’s useful to know, but I fear the way shadows are depicted on the projector is different from how my monitor is set up: not sure how to mitigate for this, other than risking over-lightening images or not submitting images with a lot of shadow elements, for fear of them coming over as lacking in detail. That’s also what happened to my punt image from the first competition.

His comments are below:

“I gave the cornfield second place because of the unusual angle the image was taken from, the super depth of field and the sky. Loved the 2 husks in the foreground. All worked for me.

The forest whilst a good looking picture suffered from exposure problems. Your friend was spot on, I didn't select it because of shadows on the tree trunks being too dark and showing no detail. It's a classic image for a tripod and two exposures which can then be blended in Photoshop. Expose for the shadow area and then expose another shot for the highlights. That's the only reason I rejected it.”



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Gareth Marlow said...

I can certainly see why you got frustrated - if stuff is marked down because of technical questions that you're aware of and have compensated for... grr. Maybe speak to one of the technical people at Camera Club to discuss it with them? I can't imagine you're the only one to have hit this problem. Maybe perhaps your monitor's a little bright? Although I can see shadow detail on screen, it's still quite subtle and I guess it doesn't surprise me that this might be lost in projection?

The first time we met, we discussed monitor calibration. I think we should approach the camera club to see if they'd be prepared to buy some calibrating kit for the club - I'd certainly support you in that request if you made it.