Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy camper

I got some feedback from Monday's judge:
Hi Gareth,

Thanks for the email and of course I don't mind giving you some additional
feedback. Firstly, do remember that judging is just one person's opinion. If
you put the same pictures in next week's competition and another judge
arrives they may love the image and give it first place. In many cases
images are subjective and it's down to personal taste.

Horses shots.
I'm not a lover of the wide angle lens used close up on this sort of shot, I
much prefer image 51 of yours


and I would have given that a commended or
highly commended.

Image 405 with the ear of grass is superb

and I do really like that and I
love image 48 of Luke writing a great shot.

I'm not so keen on 313

as the
sun is a little too bright and drags the eye from the silhouette. I do like
the silhouette it's just battling with the sun that causes me a problem.

Your tractor shot 'we plough the fields'

was in fairness a very close call
and I did waver on that. The only thing that pushed my to drop the shot was
the lack of colour in the sky I felt it was a little too bland. I didn't
mind the amount of sky as this added to the scale of the image, it was just
a little flat in colour. You could try adding some black to the blues in
Photoshop (use the select colour feature in the adjustment layers and add
about 80% black to the blues and cyans this would boost the blues that are
present and give the sky a little more depth.

Hope this helps and don't be disheartened you have some great shots in your

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Ivan said...


Happy Camper indeed. Good to get the feedback, and backs up my feeling that it was poor choice rather than poor anything else! Well done...maybe I'll email him about the Forest Light, and get his view on the Punt image too...!?