Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Better in mono?

I posted the colour version of this a few days ago. Adam posed the question "would it be better in mono?". Here's the conversion.

Not sure - I like the colour due to the richness and warmth, and this feels a little cold to me. That said, the mono does have some nice textures and shading, so it's OK. Perhaps the mono is a more different take. The bridle is more pronounced in the mono, so that is perhaps not the best, but I still quite like the bridle being there (once the "clues" to what it is are deciphered...!).

So, on balance, I prefer the colour I think.



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Damian Lidgard said...

I prefer the colour. The brown hues are too nice to be left out. The BW does reveal some nice textures, although the colour version does a good job of that too.