Friday, September 19, 2008

Holkam Beach, Norfolk

A picture from North Norfolk, between Wells and Holkam beaches. I was drawn to the shape of the snaking water inlet left by the retreating sea, so cropped it in this direction to make that a feature. I also included just the hint of interesting clouds, and also a scattering of people to indicate their smallness and how large the beach and sea are. I think it's a good mono image.




Colin said...

I think it would have been better without the people there. Damned overpopulation!

This could look really spooky if you play with the contrast.

Damian Lidgard said...

Well, I know you have a similar pic to this and I much prefer that. This one doesn't have much impact for me. However, I think the people are critical for this photo; they provide scale but also add a sense of vastness and something else too which is a 'known unknown', if you know what I mean...