Monday, September 22, 2008

First Projected Image Competition of 2008/9

Above, my two entries for the first of the (3 part) serial projected image competitions.

You may have seen them both before. Currently, Reculver is lying in about 15th on my flickr stream, and the white peacock around 4th. Therefore, I'll predict a grading for white peacock, and nothing for Reculver sunset.

We'll see..



Damian Lidgard said...

I really the peacock but also the top image too. I love the colour and texture of the foreground rocks. My only issue is that the ruin in the background is a tad too dark such that there is insufficient detail for the eye. Nice sunset colour.


Colin said...

Yes, both very nice. I don't find the ruins too dark, though, and I'm surprised they that light seeing as how you are pointing into the sun.

Anonymous said...

A touch of fill-in flash on the foreground few rocks and good exposure technique. It's diffused gentle uncontrasty sunset light, not direct in your face sun - different beast. All the tops of the rocks are gently lit, and the areas generally away from the source are in shadow.

This one got "Highly Commended" last night, so well pleased.

Peacock got excellent comments (I'm sure I heard a few slightly muted gasps when it came up - G?) but didn't get in the mix at the end, which is fine (= not fine!) but confusing and a little unsatisfactory. Judge was generally OK last night - had apparent healthly disregard for "another swan picture" etc, but the top three images were all natural history! Good images, though.



stasher1 said...

Congratulations Ivan. Two top images. Re. castle - Was this with your in built flash or an independant unit? did you have to tinker much on PS? All the best


Anonymous said...

Just on-camera fill in. As for tinkering, just the usual; levels, contrast, cropping etc.