Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here is one of those blind luck shots that made me say "neato"... and I didn't even get to take it! My S.O. Sherri was putzing around the garden with my camera, playing with f-stops when the autofocus did something unexpected.

As usual I welcome all post-processing suggestions and comments (and even rude remarks!). I was thinking perhaps of chopping off some of the shadowy area on the right, but I expect Damian will tell me to slice off everything to the left... ;)



Anonymous said...

Cool picture, focussing on the bee is relly excellent. Unusual. I think it may be worth cropping a bit off the right, as you suggest.

Also, spookily, the shadow of the bee makes the sunflower look like a yellow version of the Eye of Sauron (from TLOTR).

..and prize for best/worst post title of the week..or ever.

Nice one

Anonymous said...

Love how you guys use "S.O" where we'd say girlfriend or PC.


Colin said...

I think "partner" sounds goofy. Makes me think of a couple of cowboys... "howdy pardner!" Girlfriend seems a bit weak. Wife? Spousal unit?? Oh well, just words.

I didn't notice the "Eye of Sauron" but now that you mention it, the picture is even more entertaining!

stasher1 said...

Good shot colin and the title could be from the Frasier Crane book of puns. At first I thought you'd forgt to focus though - this piscture needs to be seen large! Green leaf on left hand side is a bit distracting as this is in focus - perhaps a tighter crop?