Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog books

Remember I started pulling pdfs of our blog contributions and comments in an effort to construct an archive of Critical Light? Well, it quickly became apparent that it was a) very labour intensive b)aesthetically unpleasing and c) a royal pain in the ass.

Pretty much if you can imagine a product, someone's already thought of it. If they haven't and you have then 99.99% sure your idea is crap. The other 0.01% are the ideas of millionaires (Google, Post-Its, Facebook, cats eyes).

So, someone HAD already thought of my idea (although I am pleased I thought of it independently) and it clearly isn't crap. You can now prepare blog books using a neat piece of software and the content of your blog.

I am going to look into this over the next few weeks/months, and report back. I'd love to have a year-by-year archive, and the prices don't look too bad. Check out this link.


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