Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two different watery images

Last two from me for today (note: I worked on about 8 images quickly last night and wrote the descriptions on a Word file in about 40 mins total, which makes uploading the work of minutes. It's been a quiet day today...)

The first image is from or near Crystal Crescent Beach, outside Halifax. I was drawn to the snaking water inlet, and the make-shift bridge. Much better in mono than colour. I applied a wee blur to the sky and adjusted levels etc to get the finished effect.

The second image was taken while Damian, Sue, Kate and I were canoeing and camping in Keji National Park, Nova Scotia. Quite misty/foggy, giving a minimalistic feel to the whole scene. Included the near reeds (or whatever they are) and the distant lone rock coming out of the mists.


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Damian Lidgard said...


I like the first one a lot. It does not look like CCBeach at all, has a very different feel to me, and one that I like. The bridge is excellent. Feels almost tropical. Great shot. The blur on the sky makes it very dreamy like and the BW works well. The second image does not do too much for me I am afraid. I remember that beach though.